Thursday, November 16, 2017

  Mankind VS Beast
1.The scare
2.The discovery
3.The chase
4.The final countdown

  1. Louie
  2. treeman/ jimmy
  3. Scientist / Bob

  1. The scare
Strolling through the woods, louie heard the Bush's rustling in front of him Making the noise of a rattlesnake about to attack.walking slowly away, he thought about going back but Suddenly louie came across a cave carved into the of a hill made out of the roots Coming from the underground.looking around if anyone is watching me I sneak into the dark cave Suddenly he came across a horrid Beast curled up in a ball on the ground But suddenly the horrid monster wakes up and spots me in the corner of his eye.he started chasing louie out of the Cave So he decided to pack all his gear and move back into town where he can tell the scientist what he saw So louie can See what type of monster it is.

2. The discovery
It took about 7 weeks to discover that it was a tree monster  and its only weakness is a  hardcore chainsaw powered by diesel!!! So they decide to call it jimmy.the next weekend louie went back into the forest he was prepared for anything to happen.As soon as Louie got there and pitched his tent he went out with a diesel chainsaw and a camera.when louie got to the cave he could hear screams coming from inside.louie hurried in To see that he was steering at the face of a old woman sitting in front of him With Vines Tangled all around her holding her to the walls of the cave.Out of  nowhere the hored so called best jumped out of the shadows and grabbed onto louie.

3. The chase
Louie dropped what he had in his hands and scrambled out of the cave with the monster jimmy right behind him but the monster was slowing soon as louie got back to his tent he couldn't see jimmy anywhere around him.just as he got his beer out he wunderd  why the best slowed down when he got to the open area where the sun was shining.a thaut flashed through his mind he said to himself maybe the sun burns him.louie left his beer out and went to sleep .

4.The final countdown

The next morning louie woke to a blinding blur of sun when he hopped out of is sleeping bag and realized that half of his camping gear had disappeared into the blue after a hour of walking round in circles louie decided to go and see the tree monster so called jimmy.after a while of walking louie came across the cave that the horrid beast lived in.a

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