Thursday, November 16, 2017

  Mankind VS Beast
1.The scare
2.The discovery
3.The chase
4.The final countdown

  1. Louie
  2. treeman/ jimmy
  3. Scientist / Bob

  1. The scare
Strolling through the woods, louie heard the Bush's rustling in front of him Making the noise of a rattlesnake about to attack.walking slowly away, he thought about going back but Suddenly louie came across a cave carved into the of a hill made out of the roots Coming from the underground.looking around if anyone is watching me I sneak into the dark cave Suddenly he came across a horrid Beast curled up in a ball on the ground But suddenly the horrid monster wakes up and spots me in the corner of his eye.he started chasing louie out of the Cave So he decided to pack all his gear and move back into town where he can tell the scientist what he saw So louie can See what type of monster it is.

2. The discovery
It took about 7 weeks to discover that it was a tree monster  and its only weakness is a  hardcore chainsaw powered by diesel!!! So they decide to call it jimmy.the next weekend louie went back into the forest he was prepared for anything to happen.As soon as Louie got there and pitched his tent he went out with a diesel chainsaw and a camera.when louie got to the cave he could hear screams coming from inside.louie hurried in To see that he was steering at the face of a old woman sitting in front of him With Vines Tangled all around her holding her to the walls of the cave.Out of  nowhere the hored so called best jumped out of the shadows and grabbed onto louie.

3. The chase
Louie dropped what he had in his hands and scrambled out of the cave with the monster jimmy right behind him but the monster was slowing soon as louie got back to his tent he couldn't see jimmy anywhere around him.just as he got his beer out he wunderd  why the best slowed down when he got to the open area where the sun was shining.a thaut flashed through his mind he said to himself maybe the sun burns him.louie left his beer out and went to sleep .

4.The final countdown

The next morning louie woke to a blinding blur of sun when he hopped out of is sleeping bag and realized that half of his camping gear had disappeared into the blue after a hour of walking round in circles louie decided to go and see the tree monster so called jimmy.after a while of walking louie came across the cave that the horrid beast lived in.a

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Report on volcanoes

                                                 This is my volcano
My volcano is a shield volcano like kana in Hawaii.
Oh no a volcano has erupted what do you do freeze no not in your freezer just read this report and you will know what to do. By the time you finished reading this report your house will be getting burnt down by lava.

How do volcanoes form?
The earth is made up of four layers the crust is the outer layer which is cracked into huge slabs called tectonic plates.the mantel is the second layer and then there is the outer core and inner core.A volcano is formed when two tectonic plates collide causing one to slide under the other creating a means pressure in the magma chamber. when the tectonic plates can hold it will burst with magma pumping up from the magma chamber causing mass destruction.when tectonic plates pull apart allowing magma/lava to flow.
Image result for volcano vents

Volcanic Rocks

Related image
Pumice is a volcanic rock which charged with gas. It is light enough to even float in water because of low density. Pumice rock is also used for the production of lightweight concrete blocks and other concrete products.
Image result for obsidianobsidian is made when molten rock cools very rapidly. The result is a rock that cooled so fast, crystals did not get a chance to form.
Image result for sulphur
sulphur is a bright yellow non-metallic element with an atomic number of sixteen. It is a naturally occurring element, but can also be extracted from common minerals.Sulfur has been in use since ancient times and is mentioned in the Bible and the Torah.
BasaltImage result for basalt
Basalt is a dark heavy lava that is very hot and fluid when it erupts. It it erupts on the continents it can flow many kilometers before it cools in thin layers.The Earth's ocean basins are underlain by basalt

What Impact do volcanoes have on us?
Volcanic eruptions in a copper minerals are used to make the richest soil for better near a volcano is good for heating and horticulture.Geothermal heat can heat rocks and bring power and electricity.
In a result of a volcanic eruption millions of People will be seriously injured or had died from a volcano.ash clouds can disrupt air travel buy getting in the engines causing engine failure which makes the plane shut down in the air.A lahar is a ash and mud river that will take out a house or if big enough a town.non-Volcanic soil harvest much less volcanic soil because of the minerals.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

my special place

Lake waikaremoana
  1. Water🌊
  2. Kayaks🚣
  3. Motel🏣
  4. Mokau Bay

At my special place you can shout as loud as you want. With the big hills surrounding you no one will hear you. The water is as clear as a crystal. When I look in the water I can see  myself staring straight back at me like i'm looking in a mirror.When it's not raining, we will go fishing and we normally catch a fish or two.

Sometimes we take kayaks so we can be a lot more quieter and sneak up on the fish and catch them, without them realising that we are sitting right above them and then we can drop the hook. It is hard to get them out of the net. After they are on the hook you struggle to get them out because the hook catches on the net  so then they can't come out.

Most of the people that go there are from Wairoa or Hastings and most people have boats or kayaks. Some people can stay at accommodation of a motel at a particular bay. There are big yachts and sometimes water taxis.The motel is two star rating and the toilet is a long drop which is a big hole in the ground with a toilet on top for number ones and twos.

Mokau bay is where my dad and I stay. There is a boat ramp and some camping spots. We call it home while we are there. There is a fishing competition every year and  lots of people win cool prizes like fishing rods and knives and even depth counter reels. I like that there is no service so that if you get lost you can not call anyone.
This is my special place at Lake Waikaremoana.